If ‘Zootopia’ was a Crime Thriller – Mashup Video

This mashup video is fantastic and I would really love to watch this version of what is an already amazing film in Zootopia.

The trailer works so well because there is so much material in the movie that, when cleverly cut together, could easily pass of as an upcoming animated thriller featuring cute and fuzzy animals as you’ll see below.

The film became a smash hit for Disney, grossing over $1 billion USD at the global box office, and it was definitely worthy of such high success.

The best thing about  Zootopia was just how universal the appeal was, with something in it for kids, as well as adults.

All the adult parts are practically cut into the video below and make for a potentially intriguing ‘what-if’ version of the film.

If anyone hasn’t seen the film, it comes highly recommended.

Check out the cool mashup trailer below, which comes to us from YouTube channel CineMash, who have heaps of other cool videos similar to this on their page.


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