‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ – Honest Trailer

The third instalment in the recent string of X-Men films, X-Men: Apocalypse gets the honest trailer treatment, and it’s pretty much spot on.

The team from Screen Junkies add X-Men: Apocalypse to their latest round of Honest Trailer bashing and what a worthy contender it is.

From the latest series that also includes First Class and Days of Future Past, Apocalypse is easily the worst of the three and ends up as an excellent example of a film to make fun of.

I’ve seen it twice now though, and must admit I enjoyed it both times.

From a critical perspective and when you compare it in the big scope of the X-Men film series, it’s pretty average, but it is redeeming in its entertainment value, plus Fassbender steals the show in this one.

The X-Men are some of the most beloved characters in comic-book history, so it’s a shame when we get a film that doesn’t exactly meet expectations, however it’s a franchise that should not be given up on, and it surely won’t.

What I think it needs is some new blood – say bye to Bryan Singer and get a new director in to take the series in a new direction, and re-cast all the characters, as the current ones have pretty much done all they can at this stage.

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Check out the funny Honest Trailer below.

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