‘Wrath of Man’ Sees Jason Statham and Guy Ritchie Reunited

Jason Statham reunites with Guy Ritchie for the director’s latest crime-thriller film, Wrath of Man, where he plays an unstoppable force out for revenge.

In Wrath of Man, Statham plays a mysterious character known as H, who works for a money-truck company responsible for moving millions of dollars around LA every week.

As the story unravels, so too does the mystery of H, and we can see that he is out to avenge the death of his son.

The film reunites Statham and director Guy Ritchie after not working together since 2005’s poorly received Revolver.

Before that, the pair had massive success with Ritchie’s cult classics Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998) and Snatch (2000).

new guy ritchie movie

Much like most of Ritchie’s other crime filmsWrath of Man seems to various intersecting storylines that will eventually lead to multiple twists.

However, this film lacks the director’s signature humour, instead opting for a more serious tone.

Statham is joined by Josh Hartnett, Scott Eastwood, Holt McCallany, Jeffrey Donovan, and Post Malone.

Wrath of Man might struggle to hit the heights of Ritchie’s past crime films without the signature humour, but Statham is always a big draw, and the pair’s reunion makes for an enticing watch.

Check it out in cinemas from 29 April 2021.

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