‘Voyage of Time’ – Trailer

A trailer for the Terrence Malick directed documentary film Voyage of Time has been released and it looks stunning.

Brad Pitt narrates the trailer and it appears to be a documentary about the birth of the universe along with what’s expected in its future.

Cate Blanchett is also listed in a narrator role on the film’s IMDB page.

The key thing about Voyage of Time though is its visuals which look amazing and considering it will be an IMAX release, it should be a great experience watching it on the massive IMAX screen.

The film is directed by renowned director Terrence Malick, whose past films include Badlands, The Thin Red Line and To The Wonder.

Malick is well known for his excellent visual style throughout all his films and it has perfectly carried across in his first documentary attempt.

Voyage of Time is scheduled to be released on  7 October 2016 in the USA at IMAX theatres.

IMDB Synopsis

An examination of the birth and death of the known universe.


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