‘Voyage of Time’ – New Official Trailer and Poster

The official trailer for Terence Malick’s stunning Journey of Time documentary has been released, along with a cool new poster.

The trailer is narrated by Cate Blanchett, one of two of the film’s narrators that also includes Brad Pitt.

The documentary is an exploration of the birth of our universe, spanning its history to the modern day with beautiful visuals.

The film looks like it will an amazing sensory experience, with spiritual and philosophical themes running throughout it.

It comes from the mind of Terrence Malick, who is well known for including such themes in his movies, and whose most recent credits include Knight of Cups and To the Wonder.

The film will also be releasing in IMAX, which should make for an even better experience on its massive screen.

Check it out when it hits theatres later this year.



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