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The sequel to the groundbreaking V/H/S (which showcases short films over a frame narrative), V/H/S 2 tells the story of two private detectives assigned to find a missing college kid by a distraught mother. They sneak into the boy’s house and find stacks of tapes (you know how this story continues).

VHS 2 features four short films, with a more cohesive frame narrative. There is a bigger emphasis on the diversity of horror, with each film focusing on the four main archetypes: aliens, zombies, demons and ghosts. Eduardo Sanchez (The Blair Witch Project), Gregg Hale (producer, Blair Witch Project), Adam Wingard (You’re Next) and Jason Eisener (Hobo With a Shotgun) offer solid shorts that contribute nicely to the f***** up, Twilight Zone universe that the film is set in, but the real highlight is The Raid (2011) director Gareth Evans’ Safe Haven, which documents a team of journalists who visit the sanctuary of an Indonesian cult with a sinister secret to be unveiled. It’s arguably the best chapter of the entire series and definitely something that could hold its own as a feature-length. Each short is compacted into the film’s leaner, meaner 92 minute duration, which is 23 minutes shorter than its predecessor. 

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The characters are hardly developed or built on, but that only adds to the mystery and ambiguity of the movie. Even in a more structurally sound film, V/H/S 2 tries to not give away much or dilute its intriguing concept in any way, only offering little clues throughout its main narrative, throwing a bone to its audience.

Providing more style and fluidity in the sequel, the interactive and highly underrated V/H/S series backs up with a bang in the second outing, showcasing the works of more talented filmmakers. The film builds towards a chilling resolution that the protagonists aren’t ready for.

Fun Fact:

Was originally titled “S-VHS”


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