Art Comes Alive with Sinister Intent in New Netflix Horror ‘Velvet Buzzsaw’

Stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Rene Russo reunite with Nightcrawler (2014) director Dan Gilroy in the upcoming unique Netflix horror film Velvet Buzzsaw.

A series of paintings are found by a mysterious, unknown artist when a supernatural force brings them to life, as they set upon anyone that’s allowed their greed to get in the way of art, with dire consequences.

The film is set in the art-world with Gyllenhaal playing a respected art critic.

Director Dan Gilroy mixes elements of horror and thriller with some psychedelic visuals in this film, which looks awesome.

It is also hard to take seriously, however, and we can only hope that the storyline holds up and the director can build some suspense outside of the mostly ridiculous premise.

Velvet Buzzsaw has an outstanding cast that sees Toni Collette, Zawe Ashton, Tom Sturridge, John Malkovich, Daveed Diggs, Billy Magnussen and Natalia Dyer join Gyllenhaal and Russo in supporting roles.

The film’s acting pedigree alone should be enough to get viewers tuning in, and fans of Nightcrawler will surely be up to see what that film’s director has been up to lately.

The film arrives on Netflix on 1 February 2019, check out the cool new trailer below!

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