Van Damme Meltdown on Australian TV Interview

Action superstar Jean-Claude Van Damme recently had a bit of a funny dummy spit in a direct-link Australian TV interview on the Sunrise morning show.

You’ve got to feel for the guy a bit – he’s in Bangkok, where it’s uncomfortable just being there due to the heat – and here he is getting asked the same old boring questions by the Australian media.

It is part of a celebrity’s job to answer these questions though, boring or not, so it’s possible he might have just been having one of those days.

Van Damme does come off as a bit of an emotional person in general and his past troubles have been well documented.

He alludes to this by mentioning the fact that he’s now fifty-five years old and has basically been answering the same questions for decades.

It’s all pretty funny really, and I’m wondering if it may have been a bit of a ruse to promote his speaking tour.

It’s not likely, but if it was then that’s pretty smart.

Jean-Claude Van Damme can next be seen in the film Kickboxer: Vengeance, a remake of the 1989 film that was one of his most popular starring roles.

Jean-Claude Van Damme is in Australia for a speaking tour in the latter past of August and anyone interested can purchase tickets on the link below.

An Evening with JCVD

Source: Sunrise

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