Universal Pictures’ ‘The Mummy’ Receives the Honest Trailer Treatment

“S**t like this is exactly why people don’t go to the movies any more”, as you’ll see in the latest Honest Trailer for the underwhelming Tom Cruise film, The Mummy.

The poorly received first film in Universal Pictures’ Dark Universe franchise, The Mummy, gets the Honest Trailer treatment in this latest video.

The team point out all of the film’s flaws in a short, funny package, and they’re not far from wrong at all.

While I didn’t mind the film so much myself (see my review here) and thought it was a reasonably entertaining popcorn-film, it’s hard to deny its many flaws.

Of all of them, the most annoying would have to be the decision to use this film as a catalyst to set up a new franchise.

In doing so, we lose character development and a well thought-out standalone film that can be enjoyed on its own, without the need to worry about where the future films in the same universe are headed.

It’s a shame because The Mummy property has a rich history behind it, and should have had a bit more development before it released across cinemas.

Even more of a shame is the wasted talent in Tom Cruise, who’s star-power alone is generally enough to carry a film, however not in this instance.

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In any case, it will be interesting to see where the Dark Universe franchise ends up post The Mummy’s scathing reviews.

Check out the funny new Honest Trailer below, and let us know in the comments if you enjoyed this film.

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