‘Unfriended: Dark Web’ Trailer Preys on Your Technological Fears

Unfriended: Dark Web is a new horror film set in the constructs of modern technology, one that preys on very topical fears.

A teen discovers a laptop that connects him and his chat-group buddies to the dark web and holds some deeply disturbing, incriminating videos.

Unbeknownst to them, the laptop’s owner is also watching and will resort to murder to get it back.

Unfriended: Dark Web is the follow-up to 2014’s supernatural horror Unfriended, and appears to follow the same webcam style format, minus the supernatural element.

The film is told entirely with the use of webcam chats between its main actors, video from security feeds and live cameras as well as some archival footage (found on the laptop in this instance).

It’s a unique way to tell a story and one that should resonate with a modern tech-savvy audience.

The horror angle seems to also work quite well based on the trailer, as the principal cast and people close to them begin to get killed off.

It’s a particularly contemporary way to approach modern-day fears of online privacy, making for some interesting themes.

Of course, it’s a far-fetched plot, but a potentially plausible one these days, which is what could make it truly terrifying.

Dark Web features a cast of mostly unknown actors and Stephen Susco, the writer of The Grudge (2004-2006) films directs.

It’s a Blumhouse production, which has been consistently hitting the mark with their horrors of late, with films like Get Out (2017), Happy Death Day (2017) and Truth or Dare (2018).

It’s due for release on 9 August 2018, check out the trailer below.

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