Quirky Superhero Family ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Return for Season 2

The popular Netflix superhero series The Umbrella Academy returns for season 2 and the new trailer promises plenty of stylized weirdness.

Based on the Dark Horse comic of the same name, the first season of The Umbrella Academy dropped on Netflix in 2019 and quickly became a hit on the streaming platform.

It follows a family of former child superheroes who have grown apart in later life but are now forced to reunite to protect the world from ending.

Each armed with a superpower, such as super-strength, the ability to speak to the dead, and the ability to influence people to do anything, the quirky family traverse through time and space defending the world while dealing with family conflicts.

The second season sees the family end up in the 1960s and once again, must unite to save the world from its demise.

The Umbrella Academy season two features more of the same weirdness and super-stylized action that fans loved from the first season while expanding on the overall story.

The show is a nice departure from formulaic TV superhero shows like DC’s The Flash and Gotham and is edgy enough to appeal to a mainstream audience, but also to those looking for something a bit out of the norm.

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The Umbrella Academy returns to Netflix on 31 July 2020, add it to your queue here!

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