Trailer for Netflix Action-Thriller ‘Wheelman’ Starring Frank Grillo

Grillo plays a getaway driver that’s been double-crossed after a bank robbery, as he has to fight to find out who betrayed him in order to protect his family, in Wheelman.

The plot for Wheelman is classic genre; the stuff we’ve seen in recent successful genre films like the John Wick (2014-) series with Keanu Reeves.

Some people may roll their eyes when they hear about a new genre piece coming out (especially an action one), however when done right, there is nothing more satisfying to watch than a classic shoot’em’up crime thriller.

Wheelman looks to deliver on all fronts, as we see Grillo’s character race to find his mysterious betrayers after his family is threatened.

Aside from the basic plot, I’m not sure what more (if anything) there will be to this film, as it looks like a pure guilty-pleasure type of film, which is great if the creators can get the entertainment value right.

Frank Grillo may not be a household name (yet), but he’s begun to make a name for himself in Hollywood, with previous performances in the Avengers films as the villain Crossbones, as well as two films in the other guilty-pleasure horror series The Purge, and recently on TV in the show Kingdom (2014-2017).

The actor has what it takes to be featured in big films as an action star, so it’s good to see him in the lead role for this one.

Wheelman drops on Netflix on 20 October 2017, let us know your thoughts on the trailer in the comments below.


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