Trailer for Upcoming Indie Film with a Twist – ‘Every Day’

Every Day is an upcoming indie film with a twist on the classic teen romance movie, featuring a large cast of young talented actors and actresses with Angourie Rice in the lead role as Rhiannon.

Every Day is produced by the independent film company Likely Story and is directed by Michael Sucsy.

The film tackles the issues of dating for what’s on the inside, rather than the exterior.

The plot is centred around teenager Rhiannon and her love affair with an entity called ‘A’, who takes a different form every day.

Every morning ‘A’ wakes up in a different body (and gender) and Rhiannon must cope with each day’s new challenges – one thing is always the same though, her love for ‘A’.

Together they embark on a relationship which gets progressively harder as the reality of their situation sets in and Rhiannon wonders how their souls can remain together, despite everything.

The movie challenges beauty ideals and the superficiality of modern dating, providing a movie that shows that love is more than skin deep.

Every Day is being released on 23 February 2018 in the USA but a release date for Australia has yet to be confirmed.

Check out the trailer for Every Day below.

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