Trailer for Upcoming Fight Documentary – ‘Conor McGregor: Notorious’

Conor McGregor: Notorious will focus on the career and personal story of one of the world’s most exciting fighters, Irishman Conor McGregor.

You may be wondering why there’s a documentary about a fighter who’s currently active and in the peak of his career in the fight game.

It’s a valid question, however as you’ll see in the trailer, there is a classic rags-to-riches story here, served on an inspirational platter.

McGregor went from having virtually no money, to earning over $100 million in one night, through pure hard work and determination (and trash-talking skills to rival the all-time greats like Muhammad Ali).

We’ve seen many of these types of stories about athletes in the past, however athletes like McGregor don’t come along too often, and it will be a good introduction of the fighter and sport (of MMA) to casual and non-fans alike.

The documentary appears to feature plenty of direct, behind the scenes access to the fighter’s personal life which always makes for good viewing.

We can only hope the filmmakers highlight both the highs and lows of the fighter’s career, without making the film seem too much like a puff-piece.

The documentary releases across cinemas around the world on the following dates:

UK & Ireland: November 1

USA & Canada: November 8

Australia & New Zealand: November 9

Rest of World: 2018

Let us know if you plan to check this one out.

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