Three Young Boys Grow Up Fast in Trailer for New Comedy ‘Good Boys’

Good Boys is basically Superbad (2007) or any other similar American teen-comedy with pre-teens taking over from their slightly older counterparts.

The film follows the adventures of three sixth-graders as they ditch school while accidentally carrying stolen drugs and being chased down by teenage girls as they try to get home in time for their first ‘kissing party’.

Good Boys comes to us from the makers of Superbad, Neighbors (2014) and Sausage Party (2016), so if you’ve seen those, expect a similar crude type of humour in this one, which is apparent from the trailer.

Most American teen comedies akin to this one feature their protagonists trying to lose their virginity with all the other usual tropes like buying alcohol as an underage person and run-ins with the law.

Good Boys features all of the above it seems, except the boys are looking to for their first kiss here while making some very adult discoveries along the way.

Fans of this type of humour should be in for a treat, though aside from bringing in some younger talent to mix it up a bit, the film doesn’t offer much else in the way of originality.

Rising star Jacob Tremblay leads the young cast and the film is directed by Gene Stupnitsky who makes his directorial debut here.

See it in cinemas from 16 August 2019.

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