Trailer for Generic Action Flick Benefits from Bruce Willis ‘Reprisal’

In the thousands of trailers which vie for our attention week to week, it’s pretty easy to gloss over Brian A Miller’s Reprisal, starring Bruce Willis.

The storyline of this movie reads like something you might have seen in the TV guide in 1994 at midday on Channel Seven.

A bank manager, haunted by a violent heist turned bad, teams up with his neighbour, an ex-cop, to catch the elusive perpetrator.

What follows, apparently, is your classic turn of the century Paramount Pictures action movie stuff.

Drawn guns, explosives and tense stakeouts – although the cinematography does look nice and provides almost a too painterly atmosphere for what is essentially a mindless action flick.

Whilst this movie looks like a cheap, made for TV crime drama extended for far too long, it’s always nice to see Bruce Willis running about and pulling his wrinkled, Die Hard with a Vengeance (1995) face.

Apparently, the film’s title is loosely tied to the plot, but it’s hard not to see this as a shameless attempt to cash in on Bruce’s legacy with one more blasé, barrel exploding shotgun Bruce Willis reprisal.

The film releases on 31 August 2018.

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Watch the trailer below and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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