Trailer for New Amy Schumer Comedy – ‘I Feel Pretty’

I Feel Pretty is the latest comedy film featuring Amy Schumer, one that promotes a positive body image message, with the actor/comedian’s signature style layered on top.

Schumer plays a self-conscious woman that’s lacking in confidence, when one day, an accident at the gym causes her to wake up as a completely new, ultra-confident woman.

The film’s message about loving your own skin is a healthy one, and one that surely resonates with plenty of woman and men around the world.

Schumer’s self-depracating sense of humour is on full display here, providing the audience with laughs at her own expense.

It’s what she’s become famous for and works well.

I Feel Pretty co-stars Rory Scovel, Emily Ratajkowski, Busy Philipps and Michelle Williams, and is directed by Abby Kohn and Marc Silverstein.

You can catch the film in cinemas on 29 June 2018 in the US.

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