New ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Trailer Drops with Death-Defying Aerial Antics

The second Top Gun: Maverick trailer has arrived and as expected features plenty of edge-of-your-seat aerial action.

After a storied career as a Navy pilot, Maverick (Tom Cruise) returns to the ‘Top Gun’ elite fighter weapons school to train a new recruit of up-and-coming fighter pilots.

That’s virtually all we get from this new trailer along with some glorious aerial combat footage.

From the glimpses we get of the film’s plot, it suspiciously feels very similar to the first Top Gun (1986) film.

For instance, there’s shots of the infamous beach volleyball scene from the first film, a classroom scuffle (which is an escalated version of events from the original film) and the budding pilots all at the bar having a drink.

Those images suggest that the new recruits, played by actors Glen Powell and Miles Teller could be on the same path as Maverick and his old pal Goose (Anthony Edwards) were in Top Gun.

There should be more to Maverick than just a re-hashing of the original film’s plot, though it wouldn’t surprise me if that’s all it was, which would be a shame.

We’ll just have to have faith in director Joseph Kosinski, who’s teaming up with Tom Cruise again for the second time after directing him in the underrated sci-fi flick Oblivion (2013).

Kosinski coming off his third feature film, Only the Brave (2017)which received positive reviews and also featured Miles Teller.

Despite the concern about the film’s plot, the new Top Gun: Maverick trailer features all the good stuff we want to see in this film – the aerial combat.

In that respect, the film is sure to deliver.

See it in cinemas from 25 June 2020.

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