Tom Hanks Raises a Robot and a Dog in Post-Apocalyptic Film ‘Finch’

Tom Hanks plays a man who builds a robot to protect his dog in the post-apocalyptic feel-good film Finch for Apple.

Alone on a desolate post-apocalyptic earth, Finch (Tom Hanks) finds a dog who, naturally, becomes his best friend.

Finch is somewhat of an engineer, so he decides to build a humanoid robot to protect his dog.

The trio then ventures on a cross country trip through dangerous landscapes while the robot learns human values such as trust, friendship, and love.

The film has ‘tearjerker’ written all over it as it coerces the audience to emotionally invest in its characters, human or otherwise.

Judging by this first trailer, director Miguel Sapochnik seems to have hit the mark in creating an engaging and touching sci-fi film.

Finch also features excellent production value and design, which is fitting considering Apple is producing it, and they’ve recently invested heavily in creating original content for its TV streaming service.

Aside from the excellent look and feel of the film, Apple continues its trend of feel-good content following the outstanding family movie Coda, which was one of the highlights of 2021.

Finch is also Tom Hanks’ second project with Apple after his work on the war drama Greyhound (2020).

Check out Finch streaming exclusively on Apple TV+ from November 5th.

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