Hilarious Shenanigans Follow an Incorrect Text in ‘The Wrong Missy’

Funny-people David Spade and Lauren Lapkus play the leads in the new Netflix Original comedy film The Wrong Missy

Comedian David Spade plays a man who after meeting the woman of his dreams and forging a relationship via text message, decides to invite her to his company’s corporate retreat.

He notices something his awry when a former blind date from hell (Lapkus) arrives at the airport, retreat-ready, realizing that he has been messaging the wrong woman the whole time.

With his new date by his side, he’ll begin to unwind and take life a lot less seriously, though not without enduring some funny, awkward moments first.

The Wrong Missy is produced by the Adam Sandler-fronted Happy Madison Productions, which is instantly recognizable judging by the humor the film presents.

Fans of Sandler’s and Spade’s work will feel right at home here with the film featuring some over-the-top, ridiculous, dumb comedy.

Spade is quite well known in the comedy film circuit but hasn’t released anything of note in the last few years, so fans will be hoping that The Wrong Missy will be one to remember.

Current comedy standout Lauren Lapkus looks to be in great form in this one, her natural comedic ability shining through brightly.

Check it out on Netflix from 13 May 2020.

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