‘The Unforgivable’ Review – Netflix Drama is a Portrait of Redemption

Netflix’s latest, The Unforgivable, displays the effects of trying to re-join society after serving time in prison.

The Unforgivable stars Sandra Bullock as Ruth Slater, who, after serving 20 years for a violent crime, attempts to return to society and mend her life one piece at a time.

The world refuses to accept Ruth because of what she had done in her past. Many parts of this movie make you realise the struggles convicts face when being released from prison. This movie also teaches us valuable life lessons. Living with grief is displayed throughout the film with a family struggling with the death of their relative, demonstrating the many emotions you face when you lose someone so close to you.

Ruth learns how to slowly let people back into her life and begin to trust them with information about her. She meets a lovely gentleman, and throughout the story, you see their relationship develop and watch Ruth come out of her shell and learn to enjoy herself around other people.

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Furthermore, The Unforgivable demonstrates the unbreakable bond between sisters and will be sure to have you in tears by the end, teaching you never to take your family for granted and how precious the relationship between siblings is. Never lose sight of what is important because one day, you may need those close to you to be there for you during a difficult time.

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The filmmakers have put a lot of thought into how the movie plays out as it flips between real life and memories, transitioning well and during significant times in the film. Casting Sandra Bullock was probably one of their best decisions as she puts in an incredible performance.

Fun Fact:

The Unforgivable is based on the award-winning British three-part miniseries Unforgiven (2009).

The Unforgivable
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