‘The Marksman’ Movie Sees Liam Neeson Take on a Mexican Cartel

The Marksman movie sees Liam Neeson go head-to-head with a dangerous Mexican cartel while trying to protect a boy on the run from said cartel.

Neeson plays a former Marine Corps soldier turned humble ranch owner in the new film The Marksman, where he’s forced to defend a boy and his mother from cartel hitmen after crossing paths with them on the Arizona-Mexico border.

Sadly, the mother passes away in the shootout, so Neeson’s character, Jim, takes it upon himself to drive the boy to his family in Chicago so they can take responsibility for him.

The journey there is filled with violence in this new run-of-the-mill action movie for Neeson.

The Marksman looks like fairly typical stuff and nothing new from what we’ve come to expect from the actor of late, having recently featured in another generic action film, Honest Thief (2020), amongst many others prior to that.

Despite becoming synonymous with these types of action movies, Neeson does tend to surprise us sometimes with great performances in non-action films like this year’s Made in Italyand I just wish he did more of them.

Nevertheless, the actor seems to be having fun doing what seems like at least one new stock action film per year, and there’s always a crowd for it, so why not?

The Marksman movie is due for release on 15 January 2021 in the US and 21 January in Australia.

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