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‘The Loneliest Whale’ Doco Aims to Solve a Decades-Long Mystery

The Loneliest Whale aims to solve the mystery of the “52 Hertz Whale”, believed to be swimming around the world’s oceans in solitude for decades.

A mysterious 52 Hz whale call was discovered in the depths of the ocean, prompting the search to find its source.

The mystery is that no other whale can hear that frequency, suggesting that this particular whale has been navigating the earth’s oceans for decades by itself.

The documentary filmThe Loneliest Whale, sees a crew head out on the open seas to try and find the elusive deep-sea creature, and it looks riveting.

Furthermore, the filmmakers cover the history of whaling, bringing to light the destructive forces of man and their capacity to change for the better.

This whale is believed to have lived a solitary life for so long, which brings up questions about human loneliness, making for a multi-layered documentary.

The film is directed by Joshua Zeman, whose past works mainly include true crime documentaries like the recently released The Sons of Sam: A Descent into Darkness (2021) on Netflix, and the cult-hit, Cropsey (2009).

It sure is a thematic departure from the director; however, we can see in the trailer for The Loneliest Whale that he’s brought across a similar level of suspense.

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The documentary features profound themes with a captivating true story and is due in theatres on 9 July and digital on 16 July.

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