A Pair of Lighthouse Keepers Go Mad in New Trailer for ‘The Lighthouse’

Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe star as two lighthouse keepers with only themselves to keep each other company when they eventually begin to go nuts.

The first trailer for A24’s and Robert Eggers’ film The Lighthouse focused on building the sense of dread we can expect in the film with a tease of a supernatural element, which was great.

This second trailer aims to highlight the film’s dark-comedy aspect and it does so superbly while retaining its element of mystery, suspense and horror.

Pattinson and Dafoe play lighthouse keepers on a remote New England island in the 1890s who go mad after a time together.

They both look like they’re in excellent form here with some solid chemistry between the two.

This is director Robert Eggers follow-up to his successful horror film The Witch (2016)which was highly praised for its disturbing, slow-burning take on the witch mythology.

Eggers seems to have brought his preferred style over to The Lighthouse, as we can really feel a sense of paranoia and fear come from the actors.

The fact that he’s shot the film in grainy black and white and in an unusual aspect ratio should only heighten the experience for horror fans.

It’s due for release on 18 October 2019, check out the cool new trailer below.


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