The Rules Are Broken for Good in ‘The Forever Purge’ Trailer

The popular Purge horror franchise receives a new and possibly final entry, The Forever Purge.

As the title suggests, The Forever Purge sees a band of criminals disobey the Purge rules and continue on their murderous ways after the twenty-four hours of annual lawlessness is up.

For the uninitiated, the franchise began in 2013 with the Ethan Hawke-starring The Purge, which introduced the concept of a day where there were no consequences for committing crimes, including murder.

That film was an instant success and spawned multiple sequels and a TV series, with audiences flocking to the unique premise of these action horror films.

The Forever Purge, which is expected to be the last in the series, sees the rule book thrown out the window when a group of murderers decide to keep the Purge going after the free day of crime and killing has passed, which seems like the natural way to conclude this series.

Josh Lucas headlines the new film, and we can see in the trailer that it features plenty of the action and violence that audiences have come to love from these films.

The Forever Purge is due to release over the 4th of July weekend.

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