‘The Food Club’ Review – A Heartfelt Dramedy Set in Stunning Italy

The Food Club is a feel-good comedy-drama movie that is all about self-discovery, love, friendships, and second chances amongst three women in their 60s, set in an idyllic Italian backdrop.

The Food Club, directed by Barbara Topsøe-Rothenborg, centers around three major female characters, Marie (Kristen Olesen), Vanja (Kristen Lehfeldt) and Berling (Stina Ekblad), who embark on a life-changing trip to a very quaint village in Puglia, Italy, for a week-long cooking course.

Marie’s issues have been projected in a strong and honest way where she faces divorce from her unfaithful husband. Being a workaholic and losing her husband and her job at the same time derails Marie and her headstrong persona, turning her into someone desperate. Vanja’s character is evocatively played out on screen, making the audience feel sorry for her all the time, as she clings onto her dead husband and finds it difficult to move on from her grief. Berling is a single mother, who is stuck in her youth and refuses to date someone or to settle down, despite having major issues with her daughter.

the food club movie review

Each character is facing their own dilemma and finds it hard to rise above it or to acknowledge it. But when an opportunity to travel to Italy, to learn to cook, and to taste their local cuisine springs up, Vanja and Berling grab it, followed by Marie. Their gradual transformation into finding themselves, moving on, giving a second chance to love, and to eventually accept old age, is all projected in a heartfelt, sympathetic, sometimes dramatic yet always honest manner by the director.

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The more mature of the audience will definitely relate to this movie and the issues shown in the lives of the three women. The backdrop is so stunning that it is bound to give major #travelgoals to its audience, as the characters are shown walking into vineyards, tasting mouth-watering local Italian food, experiencing local culture, people, and so much more.

Italy’s background brings a breath of fresh air into this emotional dramedy about women in their 60s.

The Food Club
Entertainment Value
Directed By
Barbara Topsøe-Rothenborg
Kirsten Olesen
Stina Ekblad
Kirsten Lehfeldt
Troels Lyby
Rasmus Botoft
Mia Lyhne
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