‘The Final Destination 3D’ – Review

After having a premonition of a major accident at a raceway which causes the gruesome deaths of his girlfriend and friends along with hundreds of spectators, Nick O’Bannon (Bobby Campo) manages to warn and save the lives of his friends as well as several random strangers. Death then comes to collect the lives of the survivors, one by one.

Once the group cheats death, Nick keeps having vague premonitions of the way in which the next person will die and then he and girlfriend Lori (Shantel VanSanten) set out to stop each impending death.

The plot line for this film is the same as the three other Final Destination films that precede it. The acting and dialogue is poor however the film serves its objective well as a horror gimmick-type film. The only difference between this film and the rest is that it is shot almost entirely in 3D.

The 3D experience works quite well in the film’s death scenes. There is no shortage of flying objects and blood and guts that shoot out from the screen and this actually made me flinch a few times during the film. The 3D doesn’t work so well during the in-between moments of the film where it is dialog driven. It was hard on the eyes at times and I eventually had to take off my glasses and re-adjust my vision due to eye strain and tiredness.

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Eye strain aside, the film reaches its purpose of entertaining successfully. Fans of the franchise will enjoy this film. The film itself is average at best and I normally wouldn’t recommend it had it not been shot in 3D, however I would recommend this film to people seeking a different kind of cinema experience as it purely only works as a novelty cheap thrills film.

Fun Fact:

The film’s opening titles recreates death scenes from all three of the previous Final Destination films.

The Final Destination 3D
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