‘Bloodshot’ Trailer 2 Gives Us More of a Technically Enhanced Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel plays a technically enhanced, virtually indestructible super-soldier in the upcoming Bloodshot, based on the best-selling comic book.

Diesel’s character Ray Garrison is brought back from the dead with nanotechnology by a shady organization that plans to use him as their own personal killing machine.

Ray eventually discovers the truth and decides to take a stand against the people pulling the strings and fights to regain control of his life.

It’s an intriguing plot but it’s not a very original one, mirroring themes that have appeared in several other sci-fi films, which usually revolve around an artificial intelligence becoming self-aware.

Diesel’s character is not entirely A.I., however, but more so like a technically enhanced zombie with a conscience.

Bloodshot is not the type of movie you go to see for any type of intricate story, but rather one that will ignite the senses with its exuberant, bloody action.

The film contains plenty of action and the CGI is laid on thick from what we can see in this latest trailer – and it doesn’t look great in some parts.

With the questionable CGI and weak story, Sony Pictures will be banking on the star power of Vin Diesel to draw in the crowds, which is a relatively safe bet considering the actor’s popularity.

The film is directed by Dave Wilson, who makes his feature debut here and it co-stars Sam Heughan, Eiza González, Toby Kebbell and Guy Pearce.

See it in cinemas from 12 March 2020.

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