First Teaser Trailer for Broken Lizard’s ‘Super Troopers 2’!

The sequel to the 2001 cult-hit Super Troopers sees some familiar faces return in the continuing comedic escapades of these hilarious state troopers.

The teaser doesn’t reveal anything by way of the film’s plot, but we get a good idea of the humour to be featured in the film, and fans of the first one won’t be disappointed, as it’s the same type of humour here for the sequel.

That comes as no surprise, as this is another Broken Lizard film – the team that brought us the first Super Troopers, along with other cult comedies like Beerfest (2006), Club Dread (2004) and The Babymakers (2012).

Though not all of their work has reached the same heights of comedy as the likes of Beerfest and Super Troopers, you’re almost certainly set to have a good time watching anything this comedy troupe delivers.

However, their humour is not for everyone, as it’s mostly juvenile-type humour, which of course is what this team is good at.

Regular Broken Lizard director Jay Chandrasekhar directs and stars in the sequel, and he’s joined on screen by fellow collaborators Erik Stolhanske, Kevin Heffernan, Paul Soter, Steve Lemme and Brian Cox.

Super Troopers 2 hits cinemas on 20 April 2018 (or 420 for those in the know).

Let us know if you’re keen on this one in the comments below.

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