The Greatest Exploitationist – P.T. Barnum and Glorifying Awful People

Hollywood often sets the truth aside in favour of telling a better story. Sometimes the truth doesn’t have that perfect three-act structure they’re looking for, and that’s okay. Alternatively, in some rare cases, the film differs from reality, because the truth is just too insane to believe. For instance, Hugh Glass of The Revenant (2015), did not crawl across the country after being mauled by a bear to seek vengeance for the murder of his son, he just did it because he was pissed at John Fitzgerald; Glass didn’t even have a son.


'Whitney: Can I Be Me' – Review

Whitney Houston, as we know her, was a meteorically talented singer battling the demon of addiction – a demon that ultimately killed her. But who was she behind the bright lights of stardom and the alluring darkness of drugs and drink? Whitney: Can I Be Me seeks to give us a taste of the real Whitney.


'La La Land' – Review

La La Land is director Damien Chazelle’s tribute to Hollywood-musical films of old, featuring outstanding performances and brilliant direction.