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Tag: Jim Broadbent

‘King of Thieves’ Review – A Comedic Caper Film Starring Michael Caine

Any film which opens with ‘Based on a true story’ incites a desire to know just how true to life the plot is. Director James Marsh attempts to keep King of Thieves as verbatim as possible and you can be assured that there is little glamorizing of this story. The crooks in this film, led by Michael Caine, are surprisingly vicious and callous with a good deal of incontinence thrown in.

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‘Bridget Jones’s Baby’ – Review

Well, here we are again. Yet another Bridget Jones sequel. If you detect a hint of exasperation in that previous sentence, then I applaud you for your acute observational skills. How many sequels does a rom-com need before it can be retired for good? For what it’s worth though, Bridget Jones’s Baby is not completely terrible.

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