'Sausage Party' – Review

Being a huge Seth Rogen fan, I was pretty worried walking into the cinema to see Sausage Party. I wasn’t sure if it would meet my expectations, and I had no idea how Rogen’s crude humour and light Pixar-like animation were going to merge and collaborate.


'GOAT' – Review

After being the victim of an assault, Brad (Ben Schnetzer) struggles with his idea of masculinity while enduring hazing at a college fraternity.


'Goat' – Trailer

A trailer for the upcoming frat-house drama film Goat has been released, starring  James Franco, Ben Schnetzer and Nick Jonas.


'This is the End' – Review

Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg (the creative team behind films such as Superbad and Pineapple Express) have split directorial duties to give a comedic take on the end-of-the-world genre with the aptly titled – This Is the End.