Australian Psychological Horror-Thriller ‘Sweet River’ to Hit Netflix

The Scream-Fest International Film Festival winner, Sweet River, from director Justin McMillan will be available on Netflix in December.

Lisa Kay plays Hanna, a woman whose son was abducted by a notorious serial killer and who was never found, presumed dead.

See our interview with Sweet River director Justin McMillan here!

She returns to the rural town where the events took place after hearing that the serial killer had died, and takes it upon herself to investigate further the mystery of her son’s abduction, much to the dismay of the townspeople.

To make matters more gruelling for the grieving mother, she begins to see deceased children in the cane fields that make up the landscape of the movie.

At risk of losing her mind, Hanna continues with her obsessive search for answers, uncovering the town’s dark secrets along the way.

This new Australian psychological thriller film looks intense based on the trailer, with an element of supernatural horror thrown into the mix.

We can also see that director Justin McMillan has captured the paranoia aspect quite well, which could make for a visceral, edge-of-your-seat viewing experience.

Sweet River features Martin Sacks, Genevieve Lemon, Chris Haywood, and Rob Carlton in supporting roles, and the film hits Netflix on 5 December 2020 – add it to your queue here!

Check out the gripping trailer below!

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