A Couple Become Trapped in a Surreal Display Home Village in ‘Vivarium’

Director Lorcan Finnegan channels his inner David Lynch for the surreal horror-sci-fi-mystery film Vivarium starring Jesse Eisenberg and Imogen Poots.

The film follows a couple (Eisenberg and Poots) who are looking to buy their first home.

They find a real estate agent who takes them to a strange housing development where all the streets and houses look the same.

The couple is non-commital and on their way out of the development, they realize that they’re trapped in there with seemingly no way out.

They then find themselves living in the house that they were originally shown, raising a child that was dropped on their doorstep.

Based on that premise alone, Vivarium is hard to categorize, as it features elements of surreal horror and science fiction, with a touch of black comedy.

The film doesn’t look scary but it definitely seems like its aim is to make the audience feel uncomfortable.

Vivarium is Finnegan’s sophomore feature film following his debut with 2016’s Without Name.

Eisenberg and Poots are well cast though the premise does feel somewhat ambitious for an up-and-coming director.

Vivarium is available now on VOD on Google Play, iTunes, Telstra, Fetch and Umbrella Entertainment, and Foxtel on Demand from 6 May 2020 in Australia.

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