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New ‘Super Mario Bros.’ Movie in the Works at Illumination

Illumination is of course, the studio behind hits such as Descpicable Me (2010) and Minions (2015), so Super Mario Bros. Is in good hands.

Collider reports that the powerhouse animation studio behind some of recent memory’s biggest hits, Illumination, is close to signing a deal with Nintendo, to bring their’s, and the world’s most famous video-game mascot to the big screen in an animated adaptation.

The overall wearing plumber (or whatever he is these days) last graced our screens 25 years ago in the live action Super Mario Bros. Film starring Bob Hoskins in the lead role.

That film was a critical and commercial disaster, so it’s no surprise Nintendo has stayed away from developing a new feature film with the character.

I loved that film growing up, however I don’t dare to rewatch it now as an adult, in fear of tarnishing whatever fond memories I have of it.

From a critical perspective, even if I were to rewatch it now, I’m sure it will be a disaster of a film, however we need to understand that its a kid’s film, and that there’s no point in being too critical of it.

Maybe we’ve been too harsh on that film all this time?

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In any case, Illumination studios have been producing hit after hit over the last few years, including The Secret Life of Pets (2016. – our review here) most recently, and if anyone can do this franchise justice, it’s them.

Are you looking forward to a new Super Mario Bros. Film?

Let us know in the comments section below.

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