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Matt Damon Takes the Law Into His Own Hands in ‘Stillwater’ Trailer

The Stillwater trailer sees Matt Damon play a father desperate to clear his daughter’s name and have her freed from a French prison.

Damon plays Bill Baker, an American father who finds himself in France on a mission to prove his daughter (Abigail Breslin) innocent of murder and get her out of prison.

This new drama film comes to us from the Academy Award-winning director of Spotlight (2015), Tom McCarthy, and features a powerhouse performance from fellow Oscar-winner Matt Damon.

Stillwater is set primarily in France and sees Damon, alongside Abigail Breslin, lead a cast of international actors, which is a nice change of pace to what we’re used to with big star vehicle films like this one.

The lack of an American ensemble cast puts the weight of the film’s success behind Damon, but he looks like he’s handling it just fine, judging by the first trailer.

Tom McCarthy takes a co-writing credit on the film and has Oscar-calibre directing skills to boot, with Stillwater looking like it has the potential to be an awards contender.

The film is gritty and emotional and plays to a parent’s worst nightmare, making for some compelling viewing.

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Check out the Stillwater trailer below before seeing the film in cinemas from 29 July 2021.

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