Stephen King’s ‘IT’ Sequel Movie has Already been Green-Lit

The sequel to Stephen King’s highly anticipated IT remake has already been confirmed, despite the film having not yet come out.

Screenrant reports that not only is the sequel on the way, but director Andy Muschietti is prioritising it over his other projects.

IT, perhaps more than other properties, is uniquely suited to a sequel, as the novel and the original TV-movie essentially took place in two parts.

The upcoming horror, starring Bill Skarsgård in the title role, focuses on a group of children tormented by a monster in the form of a clown.

The other half of the story involves the same children, years later as adults, trying to understand the horrors of their youth.

Although the children’s plotline is often considered the more interesting of the two, the existence of further storylines from the source material means that there’s more fertile ground for a follow-up here, than most films usually have.

It is already projected to be a blockbuster, so it’s no wonder why the sequel is a high priority for New Line Cinema.

It will be in Australian cinemas from 7 September 2017.

You can check out the full trailer for the movie here, along with a cool new featurette.

Are you looking forward to the upcoming IT film adaptation?

Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Screenrant

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