Stephen Curry in New Under Armour Ad by Director Harmony Korine

A new ad for the sports company Under Armour by controversial film director Harmony Korine has been released, featuring basketball superstar Stephen Curry.

The ad is for a new range of Steph Curry Under Armour basketball shoes and features the star player as well as a bunch of kids shouting out the highs and lows of his career accomplishments, to put it simply.

It features a similar style of cinematography to Korine’s most recent feature film, Spring Breakers (2012), which looks to be a signature style for the director these days as it can also be seen in the music video he did for Rihanna’s song ‘Needed Me’.

Korine is well known for writing the controversial 1995 film Kids, and more recently directing the teen spring break film Spring Breakers – not your typical film on that topic.

Korine is the type of director that does not adhere to the conformities set in place by the Hollywood film industry, so it’s always exciting to see any new work he produces, even if it’s just a 90 second like this one.

Check out the Stephen Curry ad below, along with the video clip to Rihanna’s ‘Needed Me’ which he also recently directed, and a trailer for his film Trash Humpers (2009) which I still can’t bring myself to watch, but will give you an idea as to just how much this director doesn’t care about subscribing to the norm.

Oh and if anyone hasn’t seen Spring Breakers yet, get onto it.

Source: Collider

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