Will Smith Plays a Super Spy/Pigeon in New Animation ‘Spies in Disguise’

Will Smith and Tom Holland star in this new children’s animated film that sees Smith play a super spy – until he’s turned into a pigeon.

Smith plays Lance Sterling, the super smooth, super suave secret agent super spy.

Aided by his scientist buddy Walter (Holland), Sterling travels the world on secret espionage missions.

Things turn crazy when Walter accidentally turns Sterling into a pigeon.

That’s all that’s revealed in the first trailer for Spies in Disguise, as we see glimpses of the film’s hero in various spy-themed escapades, before being turned into a feathered friend at the end – much to his shock and dismay.

Based on the film’s official synopsis, however, we can be sure to expect a buddy-themed action-adventure film set in the spy world.

Spies in Disguise comes to us from Blue Sky Studios, who have brought us past hit animated films like the Ice Age (2002-16) series and the Rio (2011-14) films.

While not as big as Pixar or Illumination Studios in the modern animated film landscape, Blue Sky still has its spot next to the bigger studios with its uniquely charming films.

Karen Gillan, Rashida Jones and Ben Mendelsohn round out the voice cast.

The film is due out for release in September of 2019, so expect a lot more marketing material for it in the coming months.

Check out the first trailer below!

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