Sony Pictures Decides Trailers Are Too Short These Days, Uploads Entire Film

Gone are the days of teaser trailers, previews for full teasers of partial trailers and snippets of red-band trailers for the teaser of upcoming preview trailers.

We are in 2018, people.

Where do you wanna be?

Inside or outside the box?

You gotta think fast to stay ahead of the curve.

That’s why Sony Pictures decided this week it would employ a bold new strategy for advertising its abysmally rated thug-crime drama Khali The Killer, by uploading the entire movie to YouTube.

And amazingly, the movie remained online for a full six hours before someone bothered to check whether the uploaded media was 90 or 5400 seconds long and later removed it.

You can see what remains of the desolate YouTube graveyard here.

Now some of you may be thinking, “That doesn’t seem like a great strategy to attract theatre-goers toward the next big Oscar hit?”.

Well, the movie had already graced the straight-to-DVD bargain bin in November 2017, so it’s not like the OG fans of Khali’s escapades hadn’t already flocked to Germany or Netherlands to get themselves a piece of cinematic history.

The film is set for either digital or theatrical release in the US in August, although this is yet to be confirmed by Sony Pictures.

From what the REAL trailer provides, the film stars Richard Cabral as the eponymous ‘Khali’, a gang-banger who has had just about enough of this whole killin’ business and wants to settle down.

But, of course, there is one more hit.

There’s always just one more, isn’t there?

Here’s hoping that the full movie has better sound mixing than the actual trailer, which you can find below.


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