‘There’s Something About Mary’ Trailer Recut as a Psychological Thriller

Check out what the comedy classic There’s Something About Mary would look like as a psychological thriller in this new trailer mix video.

We recently got the same trailer mix for Meet The Parents which was pretty funny, and strange seeing just how many scenes in the film could work in a thriller, with selective editing.

There’s Something About Mary gets the same treatment in the video below, and likewise also has plenty of scenes in it that could work in a psychological thriller film.

Directed by the Farrelly brothers, Ben Stiller’s and Cameron Diaz’s 1998 adult rom-com was a resounding success for everyone involved, and paved the way for future gross-out comedies.

The film also catapulted Stiller and Diaz further into the Hollywood spotlight, setting them up for superstardom.

The video comes from the Cinefix Youtube channel, which you can check out for even more trailer mixes.

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