‘Snatched’ – Red Band Trailer for New Amy Schumer Comedy

The upcoming kidnapping-themed comedy Snatched features the unlikely pairing of Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn, check out the first red band trailer.

Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer play mother and daughter respectively, when they get kidnapped whilst on holidays in Ecuador and are forced to work together to escape their captors.

This actually looks pretty funny, with what looks to be a mix of lowbrow humour with some action and adventure, all while focusing on the mother/daughter relationship of the film’s two leads.

The comedy itself seems to work, though it’s likely the film will head into generic territory once the story’s wheels are in motion.

However the pairing of Hawn and Schumer is an intriguing one, with this being Goldie Hawn’s first feature film in fifteen years!

Amy Schumer recently starred in Trainwreck (2015, see my review here), which had its moments but ultimately wasn’t very memorable.

Snatched as the potential to go down the same path it seems, so it would be nice to be proven wrong.

The film is directed by Jonathan Levine, whose credits include The Night Before (2015), Warm Bodies (2013), 50/50 (2011) and The Wackness (2008).

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Of those films, The Wackness was a standout, though the rest were pretty touch-and-go, but still watchable.

Snatched is due for release on 12 May 2017 USA, check out the first red band trailer below.

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