Acclaimed Singer-Songwriter Sia Makes Directing Debut with ‘Music’

Sia makes a transition into film directing with the new musical drama Music, and there’s a lot of original music in it to please her fans.

Maddie Ziegler plays Music, a mentally challenged teen that uses music as a way to experience the world, and who is left without a carer after the passing of her guardian.

Music becomes the sole responsibility of her free-spirited, estranged half-sister, Zu (Kate Hudson).

Zu is not built for the task of taking care of a challenged teen but with the help of her neighbor Ebo (Leslie Odom Jr. of Hamilton fame), she will forge a strong bond with her half-sister through the power of music.

Music is a touching drama film that explores the effect music can have on narrowing the barriers of communication between handicapped and non-handicapped people.

Furthermore, it dives deep into how music is used as a way to strengthen relationships, despite whatever barriers may stand in the way.

The drama elements are just one aspect of the story, however, as we can see in the trailer that the film contains several lavish musical set pieces, and features an original soundtrack with 10 new songs from Sia.

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The film marks the multi-Grammy nominee’s first foray into film directing, and she also wrote the story and co-wrote the screenplay.

Check out Music in cinemas from 14 January 2021.

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