Feuding Aussie Sheep Farmers Unite for a Cause in ‘Rams’ Trailer

A pair of rival Australian sheep farmers must put aside their differences and come together to save their herd from certain demise in the new film Rams.

Sam Neill and Michael Caton play Colin and Les, two Australian sheep farmers with a decades-long rivalry that has forced them apart, with the two barely talking to each other anymore.

When Les’s prize-winning ram is diagnosed with a terminal illness, it’s discovered that it is due to a deadly pathogenic outbreak, which forces authorities to decide that all of the town’s sheep herds must be culled.

Les and Colin must then set aside their differences in an effort to save their beloved herds.

A remake of the 2015 Icelandic film of the same name, Rams features two iconic actors side-by-side in a film with a touching story that showcases the true Australian battler spirit.

Rams is essentially a relatable family drama film that uses its remote Western Australian farming community setting as a placeholder to tell a more personal story, with the relationship between the brothers and their efforts at overcoming family adversity the core themes here.

The film is directed by Jeremy Sims, who’s past credits include the underrated war film Beneath Hill 60 (2010) and the acclaimed Last Cab to Darwin (2015).

Expect Rams to be an emotionally charged drama with flashes of comedy that’s sure to please audiences when it releases in cinemas soon.


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