Trailer for New Underwater Science-Fiction Thriller ‘Sea Fever’

An aggressive parasite attacks in the underwater sci-fi thriller Sea Fever starring Connie Nielsen and Dougray Scott.

We’ve already been graced with one creature feature about a monster terrorizing people trapped below the ocean (2020’s Kristen Stewart-fronted Underwater), and now we get a second in the form of Sea Fever.

This Irish science-fiction film from director Neasa Hardiman finds the crew of a West of Ireland trawler marooned at sea and under attack from a parasite that’s entered the ship’s water system.

Connie Nielsen and Dougray Scott star as the ship’s leaders Freya and Gerard while rising English actress Hermione Corfield plays scientist Siobhan, who luckily happens to be onboard when shit hits the fan.

I’m honestly more intrigued by this flick than Underwater despite the similar premise.

Produced on a presumably smaller budget, Sea Fever still looks well-shot with plenty of jump-scares and an eerie atmosphere.

There’s a The Thing (1982) vibe too, with the parasite infecting people without their knowledge and the trailer hinting at some form of test created to find out who is still human.

Here’s hoping it’s more Leviathan (1989) than Deep Rising (1998).

Check out the trailer for Sea Fever below.

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