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See the Gritty Side of Sarah Jessica Parker in Trailer for ‘Here and Now’

Since the release of flicks such as Birdman (2014) and La La Land (2016), we have seen that Hollywood loves nothing more than movies about Hollywood.

As well as, films about artists and the struggles that seem to come with pursuing one’s art.

The popularity of such films has led to a slew of flicks with a similar subject matter such as A Star is Born and the new film Here and Now (also known as Blue Night).

The trailer for Here and Now shows Sarah Jessica Parker in a light which audiences may not have seen her in before.

While she has certainly shown a great emotional range portraying Carrie in the Sex and the City series, she is mostly known for romantic comedies outside of this widely popular TV show.

But perhaps, now is finally her time to completely shake the character of witty columnist Carrie Bradshaw.

Set in New York, the trailer shows a woman named Vivienne, who appears to be a seasoned singer and is releasing her 9th album.

Vivienne is shown asking a cab driver to take her to a certain address which turns out to be a hospital.

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From this, audiences are able to presume that Parker’s character is unwell and that the film will be following the unravelling.

From here, we are shown an ex-husband and estranged daughter, which is perhaps revealing a story of a woman who has focused on her career but has forgotten about the other important aspects of life.

Based on the trailer, it would appear that the movie isn’t shying away from showing Parker with a more stripped back look, one of which seemed to work well for Jennifer Aniston in Cake (2014).

It’s a little hard to tell whether this movie is going to have an uplifting message or a tragic one, but whatever the case, it is certainly a breath of fresh air to see Parker take on a grittier role.

With a supporting cast of Simon Baker, Common, and Renée Zellweger, it will also be interesting to see who is going to shine.

In addition to this, the picture seems to be filmed in a realistic way, with the camera even appearing to gently shake in some parts.

This can often be a great respite from the world of CGI, high-definition and bright colours that many films offer audiences in this day and age.

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It is well known that Sarah Jessica Park (as well as Carrie Bradshaw) has a love affair with New York and this movie perhaps gives a different perspective of this.

Can a sick person live in the bustling streets of New York?

Is it a place where someone can find themselves and transform?

We will have to watch the full feature to find out.

It releases on 9 November 2018.

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