‘Room Full of Spoons’ Pulled from SUFF Screening

The director and star of the worst (best) film ever made, Tommy Wiseau has forced the team at SUFF to remove a documentary based on his film, The Room.

Wiseau has threatened the curators of the Sydney Underground Film Festival with legal action, should they screen the documentary based on his cult-classic film The Room, which is regarded around the world as one of the worst movies ever made.

The documentary is said to delve into the highly secretive actor/director’s life, which may be one of main reasons he’s trying to stop the documentary from being seen, as he apparently gave full co-operation to director Rock Harper in the earlier stages of development.

It was only later on that Wiseau decided he would not like the film to be shown anywhere, and has been threatening festival owners and small theatre chains around the world with legal action, should they screen the film.

For anyone that hasn’t seen The Room, it’s actually brilliant.

The worst movie ever made moniker the film has earned is due to the terrible acting, story, characters and performances in the film – basically everything is terrible.

However, it’s hilarious, so I don’t think it’s fair to call it the worst movie ever made when you consider how much entertainment value it actually has when you look past all of its faults.

As Room Full of Spoons is no longer screening at SUFF, it has been replaced with two screenings of The Room and for more details and tickets, please visit here.

Check out the trailer for the controversial documentary below.

Source: Filmink


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