The Master of Disaster Roland Emmerich Returns with New Epic ‘Moonfall’

With films like Independence Day (1996) and The Day After Tomorrow (2004), Roland Emmerich knows how to do disaster movies, and he knows how to do them well.

The director knows how to do disaster epics well, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re good.

Nevertheless, the production value of Emmerich’s films are always top-notch, and much like in the new movie, Moonfall, there is always an excellent cast attached.

His latest features Halle Berry, Patrick Wilson, Donald Sutherland and Michael Peña, to name a few impressive names in the cast list.

The plot of Moonfall quite literally revolves around the Moon falling into Earth.

Whoever came up with the title must have been feeling not-so-creative that day; however, the question remains, what sends the Moon on its collision course with Earth?

Towards the end of the teaser trailer below, it seems there is an alien or AI presence responsible for the impending destruction of humanity, which adds a science-fiction movie twist to what is essentially another end-of-the-world film.

Moonfall looks like good, epic, ridiculous, sci-fi movie fun, so fans of that sub-genre plus Roland Emmerich’s past work will be in for a treat here.

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Furthermore, the visual effects look stunning, really placing the audience in and amongst the destruction.

Moonfall is due to arrive in theatres in early February 2022.

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