Riley Keough and Andrew Garfield Star in ‘Under the Silver Lake’ – Trailer

Garfield plays an unsuspecting detective searching for the whereabouts of a woman he’s fallen in love with (Riley Keough), after she mysteriously moves out of her hotel room.

Andrew Garfield’s character Sam gets in over his head after his search leads him to a larger conspiracy involving billionaires, celebrities and urban myths, set in the Hollywood hills.

That simple premise does not appear to even scratch the surface about what’s going on in this trailer however.

The film comes across as a surreal neo-noir comedy drama thriller, where you may not know what’s real and what isn’t.

It’s a fitting combination of genres considering the film is directed by David Robert Mitchell, whose indie film It Follows (2014) became an instant cult classic.

The mystery/horror film attempted to subvert the genre with its use of symbolism and unconventional plot, and it appears Mitchell’s new one will attempt to do the same.

It Follows became a hit on the back of its story and idea, as it featured a relatively unknown cast and would have been shot on a small budget.

Under the Silver Lake appears to be a natural next step for the director, with a much more recognisable cast, and higher production value.

The film will be released by A24 films, who have brought us some incredible movies over the last few years, including Moonlight (2016), The Disaster Artist (2017), Lady Bird (2017) and The Witch (2015) to name a few.

Check out their catalogue here to see just what type of quality films they’re producing.

Under the Silver Lake releases on 22 June 2018 in the USA.

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