Retro Goofy Sci-Fi Monster Flick ‘It Came from the Desert’ Trailer

Writers Trent Haaga and Marko Makilaakso appear to have had a lot of fun making It Came from the Desert.

The film is both a nostalgic tribute to goofy science-fiction creature-features from the 1950’s and inspired by the cult 1980’s video-game of the same name.

The story looks pretty weak and the young actors don’t inspire much confidence, but the sheer fun of watching giant ants destroying civilisation at least inspires the campy thrill of movies like Sharknado (2013) and Snakes on a Plane (2006).

It’s a shame the tacky special effects and horrible acting look set to make this film virtually unwatchable because it could otherwise be a lot of fun.

Were you a fan of the old point-and-click adventure game yourself (see video below)?

It Came from the Desert is out now on video-on-demand services.

Check out the trailer below, and let us know whether you think this movie will fly or flop.


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